The Course Eurasia Studies

Eurasia Studies
The course in European studies involves a year’s study at Österlen Folk High School.
Residential accommodation is available. The course concentrates on human rights, peace and
conflict issues, politics and the geopolitical situation in large parts of the former Soviet Union
and Turkey. The school offers residential accommodation during the course.
The autumn term is concerned with global studies and an analysis of the rise and fall of the
Soviet Union. This is followed by an examination of a range of subjects including culture,
religion, economic issues, security policy, international relations as well as peace and conflict
issues in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. A short field trip to St. Petersburg also takes place
during the autumn.
During the spring term, the focus will be on Turkey, the southern Caucasus and Central Asia,
an area that has a turbulent history. These studies concentrate on the underlying causes of
these conflicts that have given rise to a stream of refugees, growing Islamic fundamentalism
and terrorism.
A two month long field trip to Turkey and the Southern Caucasus takes place during the
spring term. The field trip begins with a joint programme in Istanbul and T’blisi. This is
followed by a number of well-prepared field trips in smaller groups in one of the geographical
areas covered by the course.
The course is co operating with Malmo University , Sankt Petersburg State university,Several NGO,s in former Soviet Countries. We also concentrate us in conflict studies in Caucasus

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