Azerbaijan opposition

Already for the third time, yesterday a group of young people held protest action in front of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Chairman Ali Karimli’s house. Action so-called participants accused Karimli in cooperation with radical Islamic forces, Al-Qaeda, with Western powers and demonstrated insult actions for his personality. This so called protest action takes place in the background of Azerbaijan’s major oppositional Public Chamber activism for radical democratic changes in Azerbaijan. Oppositional Public Chamber already held a April 2-nd rally and prepares to hold another rally on 17 April at 16.00.
The rallies organized by the oppositional Public Chamber has very much concerned the incumbent regime in Azerbaijan and they selected a way of insult and radical critics toward oppositional leaders.
Mr. Ali Karimli has been facing insults since 2000 and nowadays the framework of the insult bent all the boundaries toward him. Witnesses say, the fabricated made up protest action is ruled by the youth organization of the ruling party (Yeni Azerbaijani Party). Some politically awkward figures were noticed among the protesters, who are said to be assistant to Mr. Ali Ahmadov, head of the ruling party’s administration and also an MP, brother of Mr. Siyavush Novruzov, deputy of Mr. Ali Ahmadov and an MP, assistants and relatives of some University rectors, ministers and other governmental officials. Mr. Ali Karimli is believed that the ill-inspired protest actions are coordinated by the ruling party. Interesting fact is that the police always comes to disperse the protesters at the last moment, whereas, the oppositional minded youth groups cannot even come some hundred meters closer to his house for support action.

Musavat party and its leader Mr. Isa Gambar is also targeted by the same centre. Several times youth groups came to its headquarter and also insulted Mr. Isa Gambar and the party of Musavat. Isa Gambar and Ali Karimli are being accused in everything bad that happens locally and internationally as from taking money from Al Qaeda to Western Powers. It is interesting fact that Al Qaeda and Western powers are paralleled. Today, Musavat Party headquarter was also targeted  as if by the displaced persons and refugees.

International community should react accordingly and do everything to defend the opposition in Azerbaijan.


Razi Nurullayev
Deputy-chairman, Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan

Razi Nurullayev
Chairman, “REGION” International Analytical Center (RIAC)
Coordinator, Civil Society Coalition of Azerbaijani NGOs

Address: Baku, Binagadi district, 30/12 Z.Bunyadov, bld. 5A, apt.02
Tel: (+994 12) 436 18 40
Mobile: (+994 55) 210 2520
E-mail: (My Facebook page)


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