Putin till Sverige

Putin to Sweden in April


SCANPIX Darko Vojinovic

Putin to Sweden in April

Stockholm. The visit was confirmed by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov at a press conference in Stockholm on Wednesday, following a meeting with Dr Björling (M).

– In late April, said Ivanov in a matter of when the visit will take place – and then he quickly explained that it still does not involve any official statement.

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs never date early.

Putin has long been an invitation to visit Sweden by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s visit to Moscow in April 2010.

– But there is nothing that is ready yet, “points out Reinfeldt’s press officer Roberta Alenius.

After eight years as president returned Putin for Prime Minister in spring 2008. A variety of commentators and analysts expect that the now 58-year-old former FSB boss will stand and be elected President again in the elections to be held in March next year.

The meeting between Ivanov and Bjorling focused mainly on economic exchanges between Sweden and Russia. The Swedish-speaking Ivanov took the press conference, rejecting reports that Russia should have dumped chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea and also promised Russian help if Sweden wants to expand its wolf population.




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