Opposition in Azerbaijan

Dear All,

Yesterday, Supreme Council of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party met and decided on important issues.

First of all, we decided to hold next mass action on 19 June 2010. The place is going to be in Baksovet metro station. The drawbacks of 5th June action was widely discussed and the Council decided that party won’t make conspiratorial actions. We shall decide one place and go there. So you won’t be staying in a suspended position where about the action is going to take place.
This time new political technologies will be employed such as distributing mass leaflets, writing on the walls (to avoid making the city dirty and ugly, the construction fences will be used, which anyway makes the city uglier) throughout the city.

Party management goes to regions and the places have been allocated among us. 8 (eight) visits will take place on the weekend by the party management. I will go to Neftchala region. Party decided to re-organize regional branches and involve the party activists from all over Azerbaijan closely into party issues such as more activism in electoral issues and better preparation for coming Parliamentary elections.
You will be able to read information and see pictures from our visits to region in Azadlig newspaper.

Party decided that we shall not stop until ensuring the freedom of assembly. The major point was made on the international organizations. Party chairman Mr. Ali Karimli stressed the importance of OSCE, European Union Delegation and Embassies pressure on the authorities about freedom of assembly. Party expects achievements and positive results from OSCE ambassador’s meeting with Mr. Ramiz Mehdiyev, head of President’s administration and head of Baku Mayorlaty, Mr. Hacibaba Abutalibov.


Unity among the oppositional parties was also widely discussed. Our party’s position is that all the opposition parties should be coming together, make joint mass actions and go to the parliamentary election with single list of candidates from the whole opposition. However, at the moment it seems to be impossible. Musavat party, in particular, puts forward unacceptable conditions. Musavat party’s condition is that it can cooperate with Popular Front Party only, not with Azadliq bloc, where our party is since 2005 and this bloc has proved itself as a real source. Musavat party leader has personal dislike with two other parties in Azadliq bloc, – Liberal party and Civil Unity party.
Musavat has already declared his candidates list on all constituencies. However, Popular Front party still hopes that Musavat will come to a common position with us and make a single list of candidates.

Popular Front party hardly works on the list of candidates and mostly identified potential 100 candidates all over Azerbaijan and up to 20 out of this list is covering Baku constituencies. The list will be made available very soon.

Razi Nurullayev,

Deputy-chairman on international affairs, Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan
ering Baku


Razi Nurullayev
Co-chairman, Society of Democratic Reforms (DIUC)
Coordinator, Civil Society Coalition of Azerbaijani NGOs

Address: Baku, Binagadi district, 30/12 Z.Bunyadov, bld. 5A, apt.02
Tel: (+994 12) 436 18 40
Mobile: (+994 55) 210 2520
E-mail: razi_nurullayev@yahoo.co.uk


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