An IDP shelter in 20 years. We must do something!

Project Title: TAV and IDP Shelter

“To Alleviate the effects of Vulnerabilities of IDPs in the collective center “Swimmimg-pool”

The district of Khobi where association Gaenati was implementing the project is situated in Samegrelo region. There are 4,000 IDPs residing in Khobi in 72 collective centers. Due to difficult socio-economic conditions and stale and often tense political negotiations in finding resolutions to the Abkhaz conflict-reasons for which those people are displaced. IDPs in collective centers especially suffer from the deprivation and poverty.
IDPs are living in the collective center since 1993. The building was built in 19970s, during the Soviet period, this building used to be a hotel of the famous swimming pool that time with rooms and sanitary fittings. After the conflict in Abkhazia, the hotel was destroyed and devastated, only the external walls remain. In 1993 when IDPs came to live they made a small repair, mainly in the rooms by their own miserable expenses.

Nevertheless, the swimming pool is one of the most destroyed collective center in Khobi Region. There are about 20 families living in extremely poor social and economic conditions. Most of them do not work. They receive 28 LAri assistance per month that is hardly enough for a daily bread.

The rooms are small and oftern five or some family members live together. They lacked the basic household items but GAenati through the project provided them with elementary items. For three years we provided them with the firewood, provided medical assistance that is in very bad condition at the center as since the project stopped they do not get any medicines or other medical assistance. The children lack school-kits, the text-books for school are very expensive. They need further assistance in field work to sustain their families. Many of them lease plot of lands where they harvest some farm products, but they need to hire a tractor to cultivate the plot, some diesel which is too expensive as well.

There arere 20 families-45 IDps in the center.

You want more info just email

Österlens folkhögskola

Eurasia kunskap


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