Meeting with opposition representative Mr Razi Nurullayev

Yesterday at the office of the opposition Party; Azerbaijan Popular Front party.

And meeting with Mr Razi Nurullayev.( Deputy Chairman of Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) on external affairs based in Azerbaijan. He is also co-chairman of Society of Democratic Reforms (DIUC) and coordinator of Civil Society Coalition of Azerbaijani NGO)

The opposition in Azerbaijan exist! But they now try to work together just so that the people know there are other people that will represent them in the future.

We asked if they have a specific programme.

And the answer is that this is more important to be out, for example on demonstrations and then let people know what the different political party have in their party programme. All this said, Mr Razi Nurullayev in the meeting. He also told us that on the demonstration last monday he also was taken by the police but that he is used to now!

He told us also how the political arena was open before 2005. That year was the year that all opposition was taken down by the military.

2005 was also one year after the orange revolution and Azerbaijan was afraid that the same should happen here.

No opposition party has support from the state all work is in voluntary bases

No representing in parliament. But this is going to be changed now in November 2010,said Mr Nurullayev.

See more his Blogg and join the facebook. If you want to help Just join with faceebook

By Ove Eriksson



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One response to “Meeting with opposition representative Mr Razi Nurullayev

  1. Dear Ove,

    I really enjoyed the meeting with you and your students. Thank you for the interesting conversation.

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