Georgian TV-Station apologizes for fake broadcast

It’s been some time now since we updated the blog and so there is lots of news to write about from the areas we are studying att Eurasia studies.

One main event that took place last week was the public broadcast by Georgian TV-Station “Imedi”, in which a russian invasion of the country was simulated. This caused widespread panic among the population, and “Imedi” received massive international criticism.
Much has already been written about this all over the internet, but here is a exhaustive summary of the broadcasting . (

This type of fake broadcast would have caused panic in any country, but my first reaction when I heard about it still was: “What on earth where they thinking?”.  And I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who reacted in that way.
In a war-torn country like Georgia where the conflicts still are very alive – both politically and in people’s minds – the “Imedi” broadcast was not only very irresponsible and dumb, it also clearly manifested the power of mass-media and how it can be abused.

The TV-station has now officially apologized for the broadcast through a public letter on their website, which is to be found here. Even though the letter states they want to regain viewer trust, the damage is of course already done and I believe it’s irreversible.

“Imedi” means hope in georgian. So let’s hope for a change in Georgia’s media environment from now on.


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