Russian YouTube police officer arrested

Many of you may already have seen the now famous video on Youtube where (former) policeman Alexey Dymovskiy accuses his employer, the Russian police force, of being a corrupt and criminal organization. Wheter his accusations are true or false I am not to say, but the case took an interesting turn over the past few days:

News got out that the Youtube-cop was arrested on Friday the 22nd of January, facing charges for “fraud and abuse of power”, according to numerous news agencies including Reuters and RussiaToday.  He is currently held up in Moscow, awaiting his trial.
A new article published this weel by Radio Free Europe, reports that the apartments of Dymovskiy’s brother and wife have been raided by the police.

I wonder what the outcome of these recent events will be? Regardless of who is right or wrong, it’s still a tragic fact that the very police officer who spoke out against corruption now is being accused of…

…yes – corruption.


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