More about  our meeting in Sankt Petersburg connected with the project NGO Development

We were in Committee for youth policy and NGO interaction of Government of Saint-Petersburg, speaking with Roman Boyarkov, the specialist of NGO interaction department. Roman told us about 5 year Tolerance program, that has started from year 2006 and is to be finished this year and few details about NGO development in Saint-Petersburg. As Roman said, the main purpose of that program is to build up a unique identity of Saint-Petersburg citizens form different ethnic groups and nationalities, presented in 4,5 million city. More details about the program can be found at – there is also an English version of the web-page. For NGO development Roman said, that there are totally about 13500 NGOs in Saint-Petersburg and 170 of them are ethno-national NGO. Also he added that today it is much easier to register an NGO than it was two years before. And it is so, because of orders and regulations, being developed since new legislation was adopted. And, finally, Roman said that although the Tolerance program is finished, the topic of labor migration and ethnic relations are still of current importance and wished great luck to our project.

Igor Kodacheck


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