Ingmar Karlsson at Österlens Folkhögskola

Yesterday, on the 20th of January, our little class of eurasiastudents got visited by Sweden’s former consul-general in Istanbul, Ingmar Karlsson. He’s also the author of various books on the subject of the relationship between Europe and the Islamic world and also on the Kurds of Turkey. 

He talked about the complexity of the conflict between Kurds and Turks, and about the fact that there might be as many conflicts within the Kurd society as between the two groups.  He also talked about today’s political life in Turkey. A really interesting day which gave some answers but also raised a lot of new questions.

We talked about Turkey as a candidate for joining the EU, something Ingmar Karlsson also has written about in his books, and about its hardships, many of which are legitimate, but some seem based on the sometimes islamofobic views of the member states.


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